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Din Dryfol Burial Chamber

nr Aberffraw, Anglesey

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Photo Alan Simkins

This monument once most probably, like the Trefignath Burial Chamber,  is from around the same period, a long barrow or cairn containing 4 chambers from different periods. In this case the cairn would have been at least 200ft (62m) long at its ridge, going out to cover a larger area. There is not enough remaining to say for sure if it was a line of 4 tombs or a single long structure. Its location on a ledge, limits the area that could be used to build on.

The eastern chamber, was the latest chamber in the sequence, was located behind the 3m tall portal stone, seen standing in the background of the above photograph. The capstone and partial stones in the foreground are parts of the western chamber, the capstone is 10ft (3m) long and 5ft (1.5m) wide. In 1871 it was reported as having already slipped of its supports. There is little if anything remaining of the other chambers.

An unusual feature of one of the lost chambers was a wooden portal.

Excavations in 1969 and 1979 indicated at least two, and perhaps three phases in the development of the tomb. The first stage in construction was that of a rectangular chamber at the west end of the site. Later a middle chamber was added. This has largely disappeared with the exception of a fallen side stone. The two chambers were originally covered by elongated cairns. Finally, the tomb was extended eastwards, but nothing remains of this stage except for the dramatic 3m high portal stones.

Photo Ray West

Photo Ray West

Location: Din Dryfol Burial Chamber, nr Aberffraw, Anglesey

Grid Reference: SH395725 Ceremonial County: Anglesey

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Aerial photo: Multimap

Getting there: From Malltraeth take the A4080 towards Aberffraw on the bend take the B4422 to Bethel. Turn left in the village onto the minor road to Soar. At Soar turn right for Mona about half a mile along you'll come to the entrance to this site.

Access: Open site. Park at Ffearn Rhosydd and follow the indicated path through the farmyard, then across fields for about 400 yards.
Website: CADW   Photo of site description board
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Opening Times: Always open

Charges: None

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