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Stocks Mill Windmill

Wittersham, Isle of Oxney, Kent

The tallest surviving post mill in Kent, with a roundhouse of tarred brick under a sloping wooden felted roof.

The mill has recently undergone a further major renovation by Kent County Council, with help from the National Lottery and it was reopened to the public in 2004.

Surrounded by the private gardens of Stocks Mill House. This house was once owned by the actor Norman Forbes Robertson, artist Randolph H. Sauter and Admiral Sir Edward Parry.

Probably built around 1781, it was named Stocks after the village stocks that stood nearby. The mill operated for 120 years up to the beginning of the 20th century. No mill machinery remains but there is a well-preserved roundhouse. The idea of the date comes from a date on the centre post of the mill, the carving is 1781 and the initials RV. This could be the date of the mill’s construction, the date it was moved to Wittersham, or when some major repair occurred

The Isle of Oxney was once an island in medieval times, a high spot surrounded by sea and marsh.

The mill is opened by the volunteers “The Friends of Stocks Mill”. There is a small display of artefacts and photos. A few souvenirs are also available.

by Ron Strutt

Temporary Photograph, I have seen images through a gateway that are better, but am not sure of the copyright position on these.

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Stocks Mill Windmill, Wittersham, Kent

Ceremonial County: Kent

Grid Reference:

TQ 913273

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Aerial photo: Google Aerial Photo



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Stocks Windmill website (not working)

Ashford Council

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Date Updated: 04/2008

Planning Grid


Stocks Mill Windmill, Wittersham, Kent

Grid Reference:

TQ 913273

Getting there:

Going east from Wittersham along stocks road, on the right, surrounded by gardens just before you get to Rye Road, on your right.


Not clear, from aerial photo it appears you may be able to get best view from the lane off Rye Road.


There appears to be a small car park next to and connected to windmill, access probably from lane off Rye Road.



Things To Do, See and Photograph:

Windmill, but this is going to be a challenge due top hedges close around.

What to take:

Steps and a strong helper might be helpful

Nature highlights:







01797 270295 or 01797 270364.

Opening times:

The mill is opened by volunteers “The Friends of Stocks Mill”


not known

Photo Restrictions:

may be a problem, may not be able to take from public right of way

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Date Updated: 04/2008

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