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Pitstone Windmill

nr Pitstone, Buckinghamshire

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An example of the earliest form of Windmill, postmill. Constructed from 1627, possibly before.

It is thought to have been first built about 1627 as this date is carved on part of the framework. This is the earliest date to be found on any windmill in the British Isles. It should be remembered that such a structure would have had to have frequent repairs made to it, so it is quite possible the mill predates 1627.

The design of the mill is what is known as a post-mill. This means the whole superstructure of the mill rests on one main post. This post arises from ground level through brick and a foundation chamber; the post then acts as a pivot for the timber built structure above with the sails. Consequently, the upper section of the mill and sails could be turned towards the direction of the wind (reinforcements added in the 20th century now prevent the upper section from turning). The mill machinery in the upper rotating section was reached by a long flight of external steps.

For many hundreds of years grain grown in the two adjoining villages was ground at the mill into flour. In 1874 the mill was bought by Adelbert Wellington Brownlow Cust, 3rd Earl Brownlow who owned the nearby Ashridge Estate. He subsequently let it to a local farmer, who ran a successful milling business from the mill.

Temporary picture, perspective problem, will be replaced when we get a chance to go and photograph this windmill.

In 1902 the mill was seriously damaged during an enormous gale, damaging it beyond the price of economic repair. Around 1922 the derelict ruined mill was bought from the Ashridge Estate by a farmer whose land was close to the mill. In 1937 he donated it to the National Trust. However, it was not until 1963 that a band of volunteers began to carry out renovations at their own expense. In 1970, after an interlude of 68 years, the mill once again ground corn.

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Pitstone Windmill nr Pitstone, Buckinghamshire

Ceremonial County: Buckinghamshire

Grid Reference:

SP 945157 Map 181

Map Link:

Aerial photo: Google Aerial Photo



Best Times to Visit:

Open some Sundays, select one of these days if you want to see inside or avoid if you want windmill with no people.





Other useful websites:

Many more images - www.windmillworld.com/millid/1713.htm

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Planning Grid


Pitstone Windmill nr Pitstone, Buckinghamshire

Grid Reference:

SP 945157 Map 181

Getting there:

½ml S of Ivinghoe, 3ml NE of Tring, just W of B488


Nearby paths, and track appears to go by it, no apparent trees around.





Things To Do, See and Photograph:

Windmill - clear location, and in field views. No trees around as far as I can see

What to take:

Telephoto lens if looking from paths

Nature highlights:

Country location so wildlife probable.






01442 851227

Opening times:

National Trust - volunteers open Sundays 1 Jun-31 Aug 2:30pm-6pm. Call before to check it will actually be open.


Free To NT members -  others £1.50 adults, Children 70p

Photo Restrictions:

None from public paths

Other Restrictions: None known
Special Needs Access: Take a look at aerial photographs to get an idea of landscape. Appears not too difficult.
Special Needs Facilities: none
Children Facilities:  
Dogs Allowed: No known restrictions

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