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On this page we have included other links and helpful/useful items that you may be interested in taking a look at.

Training and Practical Experience

If you have a Nikon the Best first course is the Hands on a Nikon day, this covers all the basics, all the controls on the camera, the menus, an short introduction to editing and more. Click here to read our article on this course.  Going on from this, a day leaning how to edit with Nikon Capture NX or NX2 would get you editing in a day. See our article on Capture NX2, and why its far faster to edit with than other programs. Both of these courses are run by Camera Images and are run 1 to 1.

If you don't have a Nikon then look at the Photography Skills Introduction to Digital Photography course that covers similar material to the Hands on a Nikon course, again 1 to 1. As you will know only one to one training is really worth considering.

Both Camera Images courses and Photography Skills Masterclasses are available on a range of other topics of interest to those photographing railways, including exposure, focus and depth of field, colour management. Using graduated filers is covered on a number of courses.

Camera Images also run a specific railway photography day, part of it is spent lineside on a local steam railway, allowing you to both learn and get first hand experience as well as some really good photographs. This is charged on the same basis as their normal days, and of course putting together a number of days allows you to get them cheaper.

Photography Skills offers a VIP service, to arrange photography experiences for those with larger budgets, this could include using helicopters for aerial photography or chartering a train. So whatever your dream let them know and see what they can come up with. Although Photography Skills like Camera Images concentrates on 1 to 1 training and support they will work with you to put on special VIP days, where you could invite along friends, colleagues, clients or sell places.

If you have the photos and now need to edit them, then Capture NX2 may be the answer, or if you are struggling along with Photoshop then you may like to take advantage of the free online interactive course being run by Photo Skills. Photo Skills also have a free online interactive course on digital photography.


We have a selection of books on this topic here. If you can't find what you are looking for here then visit our online bookshop and enter railway in the search box.




Website Links

The following website links provide more background information.

The Railway Herald - weekly PDF online newsletter for rail enthusiasts

Listing of railways



http://ukhrail.uel.ac.uk/  also at http://www.heritagerailways.com/

http://www.silversurfers.net/travel-railsteam.html  Silver surfers links to railways etc

Railways Heritage


Narrow Gauge Railways in the UK


          Not yet checked for additions to our list

http://www.narrow-gauge.co.uk/directory/show.php  narrow gauge and some smaller.

Great Little Trains of Wales



Funicular Railways (Cliffside)





Steam Tours

National-Preservation.com Discussion Board

Six Bells junction (includes rail tour reports and actual times)

SteamCentral - Links to main-line steam times world wide 

British Pullman (Orient Express)

Danube Express

Great Rail Journeys

Hertfordshire Railtours

Kingfisher Railtours

Orient Express (The)

Past-Time Rail 

Pathfinder Tours

PMR Tours

Rail Tour Info (diesel rail tours)

Railway Preservation Society of Ireland  (The)

Railway Touring Company  (The)

Rocky Mountaineer, Canada

Royal Scotsman (The)

Steam Dreams

Steam Dreams (Cathedrals Express)

Steam Train Diary - North American steam train events and excursions.

Steamy Affairs





West Coast Railway

West Coast Railway Company

Whistler Mountaineer, Canada


History  http://www.historic-uk.com/HistoryUK/England-History/SteamTrains.htm

UK Heritage Railways   http://ukhrail.uel.ac.uk

Britain's Finest  http://www.britainsfinest.co.uk/attractions/search_results.cfm/searchcountry/England/searchclasscode/71

International working steam locomotives http://www.steam.dial.pipex.com/internat.htm

Signal boxes and track   http://www.svrsig.org

Searches and more links

Railway search engine http://www.irail.co.uk

More links





Hell's Kitchen
Publican and railway enthusiast Sean Browne has a Railway Museum in his pub in Castlerea which includes preserved A class Metrovick A55. Well worth a visit!

Irish Railway Heritage Tours
Irish Railway Heritage Tours was established to provide informative and entertaining guided tours of closed railway lines in Ireland. We draw from our wide and varied knowledge of Irish railway history to make each tour a voyage of discovery.

Irish Railway News
A website posting Irish Railway News on line. Irish railway news reports on all news both on commercial, industrial and preserved railways, broad gauge and narrow.


UK museums  http://www.mda.org.uk/vlmp/index.htm

Virtual library   http://vlib.org/

Centre for alternative technology http://www.cat.org.uk/index.tmpl?refer=index&init=1

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