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Location guides are of places to go, to get good photos, and what you will find when you get there.  Perhaps you want to know about a location, how to get there, what parking is like, how far you will have to walk, what the geography is like, the position of the sun at different times of the day or year or more. With 'featured location' and 'location' guides you will find we provide far more including two detailed grids full of information. The top grid to allow you to see where you can find even more information, with links to a map and often an aerial photograph of the location.  The lower grid contains information you may like to print out and take with you on a visit, often providing details on how to find the location, about parking access and any costs or restrictions involved. Quick guides provide less information, perhaps it's not necessary or perhaps we have a link to another website to find out more.

Locating location guides can be found in the indexes by topic, by county or in the alpha index. These are the same indexes visible most of the time on the bars on the left and on the top of pages.

You will find a number of different types of information

In order to provide as much information as possible we have a range of levels of information, from very detailed and researched locations, many of which we have have visited and photographed, down to lists of locations and links to find out more, such as places you can go to get displays of bluebells at the right time of the year throughout Britain, or where every windmill worth photographing is located in the UK, and this is growing all the time.

As an expanding system you will see many topics start out as lists, or features with a list and a number of featured pages and over time other locations will be defined. In many cases we will get up a location guide or quick guide and later be able to provide a more complete location or feature guide.

We have even more than this.........

The most complete of these guides are identified as a Featured Locations and shown in indexes with a .

Locations shown with a  have a lot of information, including large grids, but is not yet up to featured status.

Quick Location Guides shown with a , are a simpler guide with far a smaller grid and only a small amount of information but usually having links to other websites to allow you to find out more. Some of these over time will be extended, to one of the above, others perhaps, as in the case of a beach, don't need any more.

In addition we have two different forms of collective information, the Route Guide shown with a  , includes a route or local area including a number of locations, for example a path, canal or a local area guide.  While the list pages provide a listing that usually on the left links to other location guides and a column towards the right to other website information. This symbol is used on all lists not just lists of locations.

Articles sometimes will provide helpful, more general information such as how to photograph a castle, stone circle or other situation and these are shown with a .

If you see a , this shows its a link out to another website.

Photochrome Project

We have a project in hand that involves obtaining, photographing and editing copies of old prints taken in the late 1890's. These are organised by county, and you can see the range and a larger copy of each. So far we have the English counties live with over 900 images available, and are still working on the ones for Scotland and Wales.

Can you help us to expand and improve the location guides ?

You will appreciate the size of the project we have set ourselves in producing location guides, and will realise that if we had more people helping out we would make even more progress.

This can be done at home, desk research and the creation of lists or quick guides, or can give you the chance to either visit sites and produce featured guides or to specialise in a topic and with this, help with a topic wide project.

If you want this can be just a few a year, as and when you have the interest and time, or you could find this gives you the reason and motivation to get out and visit many more places.

To help you with this we have a complete section under Help Required and details within this section on how to submit a location.


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