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There are a number of reasons why people may wish to become a sponsor of Photographers Resource Online Magazine, including;-

  • Making a dream they have become a reality.

  • Making something they feel there is a need for available.

  • General promotion of an area, idea or product group.

  • Providing a service or back up information, to support a business or other organisation, members or clients.

  • As an effective means of public relations, replacing advertising that many of those reading and using this site will appreciate.

  • Just because you want to.

The major difference between a donation and sponsorship are:

  • That no direct mention on the site of donations made, while usually, although you don't have to, sponsors are shown on the sections they sponsor, or in specific areas of the site.

  • Sponsorship can cover a defined cost or provision.

  • Sponsorship can make your choice of new services become a reality now.

  • Sponsors are mentioned, where we can, in articles and in other places.

  • More major sponsors can have advance notice of the editorial schedule and therefore have the opportunity to make sure we know of and have relevant information.

  • Often sponsorship involves discussions in advance.

Sponsorship should not be confused with advertising, a sponsor is empowering the provision of a service, while an advertiser is defining a message they wish to deliver.  It may be that some sponsors also may wish to advertise, or that a combined sponsorship/advertising deal might include some advertisements or advertising features.

If you are interested in any type of sponsorship, large or small, then please contact us to discuss what you have in mind.


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