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Cold December ends the rhyme, with blazing fires and Christmas time...


The winter visitors are now all primarily here.  With insect populations down due to the cold if you have a bird feeder in your garden you will find many birds will visit to feed up over the winter, giving you plenty of photo opportunities, and don't forget some of our birds are very colourful.

What to See Where to See and comment What it looks like
Foxes call out at night with eerie screams and yelps as they start to form pairs.
Bewick Swan Larger numbers are now flying in and can be seen at the wetland centres
Kingfisher catch a glimpse as it moves down river to an estuary  
Waxwings Look out for their pink crests as they feed on berries such as yew and holly  
Mistle thrush feeding on the plentiful mistletoe
Robin Our favourite Christmas Card creature. It's red breast giving us some joy and colour through the winter months.
Tawny Owls Their classic 'tu-wit-tu-who' call can be heard as they stake out their territory

Goldfinches Can be seen on the roadside feeding off Teasel Seeds - again a colour winter character.



What to See Where to See and comment What it looks like
Holly berries reminders of the festive season to come  
Mistletoe are semi-parasitic and grow in a distinctive bunch in fruit trees and in the bare branches of trees such as lime, beech and oak  
Spindle Tree you may see their bright orange fruits - they are poisonous to us but not to birds.  
Teasel At this time of year it's loosing its flower, but it's seeds are a source of food and nutrition for birds including Goldfinches.


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