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Tyrebagger Stone Circle

Near Dyce, Aberdeenshire

Also known as Standingstones and as Dyce.

Historic Scotland have now renamed this site 'Standingstones Stone Circle' probably on the account of the nearby wood being called Standingstones Wood.

Situated on a hill overlooking Aberdeen airport, this site has a tilted recumbent and two tall flankers.

Very similar to East Aquorthies but smaller.

Access is a 20 minute walk up a stony track to the site.

The following is an extract from p45 of Stone Circles Near Aberdeen by A. L. Lewis

The Journal of the Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland, Vol. 17. (1888), pp. 44-57.

Mr. McCombie Stewart (a man of diverse talents) confirms the strange qualities of the largest stones:

Mr. McCombie Stewart, the station-master at Dyce, who should be consulted by any one visiting Dyce for scientific purposes, informed me that there was formerly a hole in the middle of the circle, which might be suggestive of the former existence of a kist; he also told me that there was supposed to be iron in the largest stones, and this seems very probable, for, on working my rough plans out at home, I found a disagreement in the compass-bearings. In this emergency I applied to Mr. McCombie Stewart, sending him a plan and asking him to verify my compass-bearings and some other particulars. He was so kind as not only to do this, but to get one of the Engineers of the railway to make an exact plan of the circle, showing the bearing of each stone from the centre. I am happy to be able to say as showing the accuracy of my own methods, that my plan superposed upon his gave practically the same results.

In the letter accompanying the plan, Mr. McCombie Stewart, who is qualified to speak as a geologist, says, "We were unable to account for the peculiar ringing sound of the altar stone, unless it be caused by the flat shape of the stone, having its side firmly fixed in the ground, the projecting part having a certain vibration - or if it were from the hard heathen substance of an iron nature - but one thing is certain, the stone is not of the same nature as those belonging to the neighbouring quarry.


This site is very popular with the small number of people who have found it.

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Planning Grid


Tyrebagger Stone Circle near Dyce, Aberdeenshire

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NJ859133 / Sheet: 38

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Getting there:

Come off of the A96 at the western side of the airport, and drive through the industrial estate. Keep your eye out for a Shell filling station on your right, as there are 2 standing stones outside it; the larger appears to be pointing at Tyrebagger. As you go through the traffic lights, and enter the national speed limit zone, there is a service road on your left, take it. Immediately in front of you is a farm track - you can either park here or drive up. As you look up the hill, there are two masts, Tyrebagger is next to the left hand, darker mast (This mast has now been removed-only one remains on the hill - 2006). Follow the farm track up, and take the first left around the quarry. As you come to the green, with all the farm cottages, take the only left by the substation.


Don't drive up track, tough on tyres.


It is possible to drive to NJ864128 and park beside the cottages.



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Aircraft, site overlooks Aberdeen airport.

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Open at all times



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