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Tomnaverie Recumbent Stone Circle

Aberdeenshire, Scotland

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This circle lies at the W edge of the distribution of Redundant stone circles. It also has the most westerly orientation of the recumbent (235 degrees).

Tomnaverie recumbent stone circle stands on a mound outside the west Aberdeenshire village of Tarland with a spectacular vista of the mountain of Lochnagar to the west, which is usually snow-covered in winter months.

During the 19th and early 20th century, the granite Tor on which the circle rests was consistently eaten away in quarry workings, providing stone for houses in the main street and Victorian marketplace. Eventually the two flankers which stood on either side of the recumbent stone were removed in case they toppled into the quarry below. This site is perilously close to the edge of the quarry.

Following an investigation by a team from the University of Reading, the tall flanking monoliths to either side of the recumbent stone have been restored, while excavations examined the paved interior. The current position is not known other than a lot of tourist signs, a picnic site and other items have been added.

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Planning Grid


Tomnaverie Stone Circle, Tarland, Aberdeenshire

Grid Reference

NJ487035   OS Map 37

Map Link:

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Getting there:

Heading north 6 miles out of Aboyne brings you to this site - turn L into a parking area beside the stones.


Sign posted


Parking area available



Things To Do, See and Photograph:

Scenery, stone circle, Quarry

What to take:


Nature highlights:


Best Times to Visit:












Opening times:

Not specified, due to quarry, not a place to visit in the dark



Photo Restrictions:


Other Restrictions: none
Special Needs Access: not known
Special Needs Facilities:  
Children Facilities: Possibly not suitable for children sheer drop into quarry very near recumbent stone. I presume its now fenced.
Dogs Allowed:  

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Date Updated: 03/08

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